Efficient patient workflow

Patients are efficiently directed to whichever station they are meant to be and this is done through Healthplus.

Complete paperless hospital

Healthplus provides a completely paperless hospital, ensuring security of sensitive patient information, reduces the time it takes to acess paper records, eliminates waste and reduces the cost spent on paper and ensures that all patient records are effectively backed up.

Financial control and intergration

Healthplus locks down every service, procedure or medication provided to any patient and tracks the relevant payments received. Above this, Healthplus provides cash payments and insurance payments management modules.

Enhanced productivity

The productivity of your staff at every station is enhanced with improved communication. With Healthplus' simple and easy to use interface, your staff will find it exremely easy to use and they will also be able to see more patients without compromising on quality.

Online referrals to doctors

You will quickly refer a patient to any doctor using our service, you can get a listing of doctors by speciality and location, easily referring that patient to the doctor. When the other doctor logs in, he or she gets all the patient's treatment information plus their contacts, an appointment can then be scheduled and the doctor can review the patient notes before treatment.

Patient SMS alerts from clinics

Patients will get appointment reminders through SMS. It will increase the number of patients you treat and increase revenues

Online link to insurance

You will connect to insurance and get up to date information on the patients insurance information from the insurance company itself. You will also process your claims to insurance electronically, speeding up the claims payment process from insurance.

Online link to laboratories

You will be connected to laboratories using our solution, and the labs will then be able to upload patient test results to you once complete. This you can view immediately they are uploaded.

Client Case Studies


With 21 clinics across Kenya, Meridian has found our systems invaluable in their day to day running of their operations. They have seen a rise in revenue, patient numbers and overall employee efficiency because of the solutions we have provided them.


Faced with the challenge of efficiently managing their farm workers medical records, Williamson tea have looked to us to provide them with an efficient solution to manage these medical records as well as track the usage of medical inventory at their four farms.


Eagle Eye has 5 clinics spread out across the wider Nairobi Metropolis. Being the premiere laser eye treatment centre in East Africa, our systems have ensured that they effectively maintain their patient records while keeping tabs on the quality delivered to clients.


The Kenya Red Cross Society manages one Level 5 hospital with a capacity of 100 beds and 4 outpatient health posts at the Dadaab Refugee camp, with a refugee population of just over 100,000 under their management, KRCS as looked to Collabmed to provide it with a solution for all it's health posts and the hospital. Collabmed's Healthplus solution proved to be the most versatile, comprehensive and practical solution for them.

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